DJ Equipment Information

The system I set up comes with four different lights, these are, #1- "Chauvet 4 Bar" which is a set of 4 LED Par-Cans each are multi coloured and sound active. #2- A mirror ball with 2 different lights, a white LED one which is on all the time and a colour changer which gives multi coloured reflections around the room which change to the beat of the music. #3- A "Geni Wildblaze" projection light, this projects a large circle of coloured reflections which rotate and scan the room to the beat of the music. #4- A "Venus Actrix" Gobo projector light, this projects coloured pictures in a large circle which change colour and picture to the beat of the music. #5 – Another Chauvet light, known as the Vue 4.1, this is an LED effect projection light. Most of these lights can be viewed on youtube.

The sound system I set up comprises of a set of 1500 watt JBL twin 15 inch full range speakers, as an option these can be supported by a set of Wharfedale Pro 1600 watt 18 inch bass speakers for an extra $100.

We have about 37,000 songs, from the 1950s through to today's music. If you give me a few examples of what music you like to hear and let me know what genres, artists or songs you do not wish to hear. I will make sure these requests are adhered to, also taking requests throughout the evening.